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Green Succulent Plant

feelings aren't agenda items.

they will set us free. 


hi i'm noa !

i'm a trauma-informed social justice educator
& radical peer support coach

i have over 10 years of experience navigating and shifting white supremacy in the workplace and teaching kids and adults to lead brave, authentic, free lives.

i'll support you in

big feeling,

big dreaming,

& strategic paths forward

about this practice

i offer compassion-based trauma informed coaching to folks who are struggling to feel grounded during this increasingly unpredictable time. whether you are recently unemployed, hanging in there during your remote work day, battling racism in your daily life, or looking to gain more insight into your self care practices, i'm here to support you attune to your needs, advocate for yourself, and thrive. i offer space to feel all the feels and to strategize together about making shifts and changes within yourself and your environments. i look forward to working together!

my work is informed by: Intentional Peer Support, Internal Family Systems Therapy (parts work) Transformative Justice, & Decolonizing Nonviolent Communication (needs + feelings).

i offer executive coaching

grounded in manifesting

& creating your dream life, while living under late-stage capitalism  

i empower & support you to practice self compassion & find the balance between self & community care. 

when it's much easier

said than done 

the work,
or: loving effort 

i offer 50 minute therapeutic care calls where we co-create a loving, judgement free space to talk about your hurts and the ways big and small systems can play a part in creating them.

i believe we can only heal in relationship
and that it's hard, if not impossible, to
heal our hurt parts, without access
racticing secure attachment.

i believe peer-support work, in particular, is a life-saving community care model which radically pushes back on traditional clinical mental health models.

it offers a nonheirarchical relational space where you get to stay the expert of your own experience. peer support intentionally offers a container where you have the agency and power in guiding your own healing.

my approach is to lead with curiosity & compassion, as we both ask the questions which might lead to more gentleness, clarity, & freedom. 

if we dare to abolish work in our lifetime- to commit ourselves to building a new world based in honoring self, nourishing our most precious relationships, and finding ways to propel the conversation and the project of community care firmly in the present and in the future, we'll have to find ways to sustain nourishing ways of meeting ourselves wherever our heart and our bodies are in the present moment. 

it can feel daunting & even isolating, when we choose to live our lives radically, in alignment with our values.

in the age of social media, we are more connected than ever before, in some ways. we often have access to healers and thinkers and social justice organizers who post and repost memes and messages which very well may align with our values. being able to spread these messages of care practices for our selves and our communities is a beautiful thing. but how do we go about the process of embodying the very practices that in can help bring us closer to our authentic, radical, liberated selves? 

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.07.35 PM.png

the method

my guiding modality, along with Black Queer Feminist praxis and a deep commitment to dismantling capitalism as we build new worlds, is Internal Family Systems (IFS)

IFS is a model which says: our inner parts (feelings), even if contradicting, are all valuable.


in IFS all parts are welcome and informative, no matter how painful.

some of these parts can take on the role of protector, and can come up in us when we're in in distress. for example our critical parts. they often remain the age they were when they were created by our younger selves as subconscious survival strategies. our core (adult) (spirit) self, knows how to love & heal. 

this framework speaks directly to the ways we often internalize the big systems (systemic or family) around us— and may start to hear criticisms or narratives that aren't exactly ours in origin. 

the ways we believe these narratives can impact our self esteem, our relational capacity, and the ways we navigate values-based decision making.

in order to heal, IFS makes space for inner child work, where we get to listen together to young parts which have always deserved to be heard, but may not have gotten the opportunity to do so safely

i deeply believe in the power of IFS to hold & honor all of our complexity, as we unpack & unlearn the ways our hurt has stuck & continued.

i've also seen this framework offer powerful reprieve from the pathology and shame (the --is what I'm feeling: right/wrong/good/bad).

especially for those of us living with marginalized identities, this practice is an urgent act of resistance. 

my values

it's important to know about the values on the table upon which we will build, together. 

i believe in baby steps

i believe in self-forgiveness

i believe self-love is harder than it sounds. 

i believe in self-parenting as adults.

i believe in community support

i believe in honesty with ourselves is a daily practice.

i believe we have parts

i believe we have core parts that know our truth.   

i believe we have protective parts that try to love us. 

i believe in loving up on our lies

  about ourself so they can stop “protecting us”.

i believe this is hard and will set us all free.

i believe raising babies under capitalism (not receiving enough ourselves), is not fair.

i believe the people who raised us were often but not always trying their best

i believe we often deserved better.

i believe we can only heal in relationship 

i believe self criticism can be hurt the most

i believe “self help” spaces can label our parts as “fixable”

i believe we cannot be fixed because we are not broken

i believe our rage is necessary

i believe young people get to be a part of the revolution

i believe young people deserve to know the truth 

i believe the young parts in us deserve play and witness

i believe we are much more powerful than we often think

i believe our relationships to social media impact our relationships with ourselves

i believe our relationships to our parents impact our relationship to social media

i believe shame can keep white folks in the supremacy spell.  

i believe our shame impacts the ways we learn to see ourselves

i believe in the I believe we will survive this one day at a time. 


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