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coaching rates

I believe in the power of a sliding scale.


I think it's an incredible way to take care of ourselves AND one another in community, while living under capitalism. I've created this interactive guide as a way to name the value of my work, as well as to offer an aid in investigating your budget. The intention is to help you locate what price you can authentically afford and how your identities and experiences impact this price.  By being authentic and honest about what is within your means, you are not only helping to keep this work sustainable for me, but you are making it possible for those with less class privilege and less financial stability to access this work. Which means...we get to take care of one another!

Instructions: Answer each question in your authentically​. Keep a tally of how many yeses you get.Use the scale to match your number with your price per session. 


Great! Now find your number on the sliding scale guide below.

Sliding Scale Guide -6.png


Similar to a traditional therapeutic dynamic, regularity is on of the most important tools in creating a securely attached coaching relationship.

I offer sessions weekly or twice monthly.

Clients can choose which of these frequencies best aligns with their needs.

Clients must commit to a 6 month coaching commitment from their consultation.

If you have questions about this guide, or are feeling stressed by your price outcome, please don't run! This number is a starting point. Everyone's circumstances vary greatly and I want this to be a conversation starter. I love talking about how our identities intersect with class and how to do this work in ways that feel equitable and comfortable for everyone. This is your first excersize in locating yourself in the work. welcome!

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