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about me 


i'm an experienced teacher, trauma-informed social justice educator & radical peer support coach

with over 10 years of experience navigating and shifting white supremacy in the workplace and teaching kids and adults to lead brave, authentic, free lives.

noa isabella (they/them) is a Black, genderfluid, trans, disabled, writer, organizer, educator, and radical peer support coach living in West Philadelphia. they offer trauma-informed social justice-based coaching to folks who are navigating attachment trauma, racist capitalism, and white supremacy in their workplace and relationships. 


as a coach, they offer ongoing radical therapeutic care where, together with their clients, they co-create a loving, judgment-free space to talk about our hurts and the ways big and small systems impact and create them. they believe we can only heal in relationship and that it’s hard if not impossible to heal our hurt parts without access to spaces to  practice secure attachment. they  believe peer-support work, in particular, is a life-saving community care model which radically pushes back on traditional clinical mental health models. 


noa is a community programs design and curriculum specialist who has offered inclusivity and equity strategic and programmatic guidance to youth and advocacy programs and organizations across new England and the tricounty area. they’re an innovative and creative facilitator who blends play, movement, and poetics in their workshops to create authentic, generative somatic practice. their work is centered in abolitionist freedom-centered youth education, Internal family systems therapy, black feminist theory, pleasure activism, and multi-racial ancestor work. they’re breaking intergenerational curses fiercely and creatively, and continue to find love and belonging in intersectional disability justice spaces. 


in 2019 they were named the Advocate’s Vermont Champion of Pride for their work creating Black Femme Survival, dedicated to developing a community of Black femme care. their book, the Black Femme Survival Guide is a self-help, self care resource for Black femmes of all identities to create learning, healing, and thriving together. they hope their work will increase access to crucial resources for young femmes of color, in particular, in need of a supportive and resilient community. 


in the pandemic you can find them: 

supporting clients, organizing an elementary school, facetiming their Gramma, and turning off NPR.

identity map

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things i believe

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education & training


Hampshire College: Education with a focus in Social Justice

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, University of Florida | 2021

Americorps NCCC | 2011-2012

Corporation for National and Community Service Southwest Region, Education & Community Advocacy Service

Intentional Peer Support Training, 2021 

trauma-informed therapeutic praxis

Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation; Trauma Informed Practice for Teaching Artists and Teachers, Friends Center, Philadelphia, PA | November 2019

Online Embodied Leadership Dojo Strozzi | Institute | 2020-2021

Lumos Transformes | Anchoring Resilience for Turbulent Times | October 2020

Kull Initiative for Psychotherapy | October 2020 | Somatic Therapy with Queer and Trans Clients 

Trauma-Informed Principles for Online Teaching and Learning Spaces In the Classroom, On the Campus, In the Community | October 2020 

Co-Regulation; Building Healthy Relationships By Beth Dennison, MA in MFT, LMT, SEP


young people's liberation 

Facing History and Ourselves| Online Social-Emotional Learning for an Antiracist Future: A Seminar with Dr. Dena Simmons | October 2020

Consolidated Youth Summer Institute; Responsive Programing Grounded in Allyship OVW Consolidated Youth Grant, Breaking the Cycle Tuscon, AZ | June 2018

Inclusivity & Equity Training in Social Justice Education

Farm & Wilderness Summer Camps Vermont | Summer 2017

The Innocent Classroom: Building Relationships that Undermine Bias  | Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) | September 2020

Caring for Children and Youth in Crisis: Using Evidence to Support Trauma-Informed Approaches to Healing in Afterschool | Pamela Cantor, M.D. Founder & Senior Science Advisor, Turnaround for Children | October 2020

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