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Noa Isabella (they/them) is a Black, genderfluid, disabled, writer, organizer, educator, and radical peer support coach living in West Philadelphia. They are a multi-media artist, shapeshifter, time traveler, and chronic pain survivor. They studied creative writing, devised theater, and social justice education at Hampshire College. Trained in poetry and creative nonfiction, their work investigates magic, disability, multi-racial identity, gender, family, memory, survivorhood, inner child play, and surviving the apocalypse (past, & present). Frameworks which inform their work are Black Feminist Theory, anti-capitalist praxis, and Internal Family Systems therapy. They have stubborn survivor parts and believe in the big brilliant visionary new world that comes after this one. They are working on a hybrid memoir.


Hampshire College, Creative Writing Department,B.A Creative Writing 


Witches & Warriors Retreat, Brew & Forge, The Watershed, Summer 2022



Poets and Scholars Summer Writing Retreat, Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice



Let the Body Sing with Amanda E. Machado, Preeti Vangani, Winter 2022

Lyrical Essay, Blue Stoop, with Jiordan Castle, Winter 2022

Foundations in Culture Writing, Blue Stoop,

with Tre Johnson, Fall 2020

Write With Us: Radically Tender, Ariana Brown,
Alan Pelaez Lopez, Summer 2020

Sick and Disabled Writers, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Spring 2017

Lucille Clifton, Hampshire College, John Murillo, Spring 2016

Poetry as Spiritual Practice, Hampshire College, with, Spring 2014

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