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Online Remote --Learning Support Sessions 

The switch to online remote-learning for the Fall semester is potentially a big shift for your child and your family. It's difficult to juggle your own work day, and your child's learning from home! You shouldn't have to do it alone.

I offer trauma-informed online remote learning support sessions for students K-12 and beyond.

I'm passionate about finding creative ways to inspire Kind, Genius, & Just youth.

My time working in school after school, and summer camp settings alike, ground me in offering attentive care to youth, while creating socially just, responsive curriculum.


To me, successful academic youth empowerment looks like creating environments where everyone has the change to thrive.


In my most recent education role, I created and implemented a robust, engaging tutoring curriculum for three middle schools in West Philadelphia.


I am an experienced youth mentor with years of one-on-one and large group direction and facilitation. I've worked as a teaching assistant in Charter school settings, working closely with lead teachers to implement curriculum and provided one-on-one and small group instruction to students most in need.


I feel passionately about providing guidance and support to youth in transformational ways.

Teaching Resume

Sign up for a 1:1 Consultation

We'll get to know your child's learning needs as well as your family's long and short term goals for thriving while learning and working from home together. Seriously, spill the tea!


               Sliding scale $15-20

In the Classroom
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